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Relative Distance

I was in town this weekend.
The one that you live in.
I walked the same streets that make up your everyday
I drank coffee in your favourite café
And wrote on its gray walls in the 1st floor
(just like you do).
I wandered around and found the same garden
With pixie lights
That was in one of your photos you sent me
Mere days ago.

When it started raining, I knew that
I got soaked by the same rain that was tapping
On your window somewhere near me
And when the thunder came
I knew you heard it too.

I didn’t see you this weekend.
You said you were too busy.
No big deal.

We were in the same city,
And all that time
I couldn’t wait to get home
Climb in bed
Open the computer in my lap
And be close to you again.




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