Personal / Poetry / Stories and pebbles

To the stranger who lives in two places:

To stranger who lives in two places:
My phone
And somewhere just far enough
That it’s too far:

Call me dear like you mean it
Call me yours like you have ever actually
Seen how wide I smile when you do.
Tell me the sweetest goodnights
And the earliest goodmornings,
Like you lay right beside me all night.

Stop me when I’m telling you I’ve missed you,
Because unspoken words will hurt us less.
Cross the paper border of our friendship
In a thousand subtle ways,
Like we could always go back
If we wished,
(We forced ourselves to believe it
For the truth would mean things
Too big to be said in a crappy poem.)

Invite me for pancakes and wait for me
Under the clock,
Let’s go to the movies
And leave half way through
(cause fuck concept art films).
Let’s sit on park benches under blankets,
Let’s cook dinner together –
Let’s –
Let’s talk like it really happened.
Make-pretend is all we got.

And then someday, meet me.
Walk towards me on a train platform
And resist the urge to run away.
I promise I will, too.



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